Stephan Gemstones Manufacture– Tradition combined with Innovation

„Manufacture“ comes from the Latin words “manus“, which means “hand“, and  “facere“, which can be translated with “produce something“.  It describes a production facility where highly specialized craftsmen of different professions work together on common finished goods. 

Our gemstones are products of a highly specialized team. Traditional craftsmanship meets 21st century professions. Gemstone cutters, carvers, and engravers work together hand in hand with product designers, tool makers, and software engineers. This combination characterizes our company and makes our gemstone manufacture unique.

In preparation of our brand relaunch we also discussed to change our logo color. Either your love this blueish shade of green or greenish shade of blue or you hate it. Put this color is a well-known part of our brand and part of our history. Coke is recognized by his prominent red color and Stephan by its turquois.

We also developed a new website. We concentrated on the improvement of design and usability. People, materials, and technologies are the base for our processes which enable us to develop our collections. This is the central theme our website follows, and we invite you with attractive pictures, fascinating videos, and interesting background information to discover the Stephan Gemstone manufacture.

In addition to our website you can also follow us on our brand new YouTube channel For the first time you have the possibility to take a glance inside our Stephan Gemstone Manufacture.