Our success has many faces. Our master gemstone cutters and engravers stand for traditional craftsmanship. We train, promote, and take care of our apprentices and employees from the very first day onward. Many of those who take the first steps in their career with us stay on for good. They are the heart of the “Stephan family”.


Our technicians, mechanical engineers, steel engravers, and toolmakers make sure that your prototype gets ready for series production. We at Stephan will even build whatever tools are required ourselves. If a machine cannot be found on the market, we will develop it for you. This lets us fulfill practically every wish you may have.

Our goldsmiths give your stones an entirely individual touch. Upon request, we will enhance any stone with a gold inlay. We have our own foundry with state-of-the-art casting machines, so we can guarantee that your enhancements will be cavity free and true to detail. This is what you can expect from us.

In the beginning are design and product development. In order to keep our customers not just satisfied, but thrilled, we always do our very best. This is the only way to make your wishes really come true. Famous designers and product developers are constantly working on new designs for us and researching the latest materials. Our engineers then develop the necessary technologies. In the end, this results in the product – your gemstone.

Our quality assurance team systematically checks every final product. At Stephan, each stone, no matter how small, comes under the critical eye and practiced hands of an experienced employee.

The Stephan sales and marketing team is constantly engaged in an ongoing dialog with our customers. This is also far more than just a job. Our team always stays in regular, direct contact and are personally at your service wherever needed. Whether at trade fairs or visits to your company, our staff will travel around the world for you – from Arizona to Hong Kong and right into your office if you so desire.