We proudly present Stephangems – be part of our family

“The time has come!”
The team at Herbert Stephan KG has been working closely for the past year and today we are incredibly proud to announce that we will be launching our new shop, stephangems.de, on April 1st, 2021.

This is a project created completely in-house. The design- including all photos, the programming and also the marketing was done by our talented employees who have made the online shop their personal goal.
Wait until you see our breathtaking Atelier collection- beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces that are simply unequaled in the world.

Be part of our family!

You’ll be thrilled by the wide range of classic and modern hand engravings from Idar-Oberstein’s most famed engravers as well as find the highest grade of expertly cut turquoise from our lapidary shop. 
Another highlight will be our gemstone jewelry collection with charming bracelets, pendants and necklaces. 

We guarantee that all products are made with ethically sourced materials and that all items in our online shop have been cut and polished in Germany.
For us, it’s a matter of pride as we only want the best for our customers.

Be part of our family!

Want personalised jewelry? Talk to our team about your ideas, almost anything is possible.
Jewelry from stephangems.de is jewelry for every occasion.

And best of all: our range is continually expanding!

Be among the first at this special event.
We are excited, full of joy and looking forward to launching this together with you.

All the best from your Stephan team.