25 Jahre Stephan in Tucson, Arizona

The world’s one and only festival of gems

Dear friends and clients of the Stephan family business!

Welcome to the world’s one and only festival of gems! For 25 years, I have been coming to Tucson, and it feels like I have not grown any older 😉

Bernd Stephan

Bernd Stephan

I’ll never forget our first Tucson show. We had a tiny showcase, a simple table, and less than 6 m2 of space (54sqft) to show our product. Still, we managed to advertise our wide assortment of colors and technologies and found our first clients in Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. Since the beginning, we have been present for our US representatives to give all customers a maximum of service and support.

25 years later, we are exhibiting our gems for almost 3 weeks at three different events. Tucson has become our main event of the year and is simply the best way to get a feeling for the wide range of products that we are selling to the world market every day. Our creative director Christina and her team are proud to celebrate our 25thanniversary with 3 brand-new collections.

Pueblo Gem Show

Our flagship store at the Pueblo Gem Show (booth: AS2) opens on January 31st and remains open until February 12th. Located just next to the main entrance of the Ramada Inn, we will be showcasing our growing collection of ethically mined and sustainable gems. The highlight of this year’s presentation are three gemstone mosaics that play with the colors and effects of all natural materials in combination with high precision cutting.

Highlight: gemstone mosaics

Highlight: gemstone mosaics

High end brands, designer, and goldsmiths from all over the world will also be getting a first glance at our truly innovative collection “The Golden 20’s” – featuring natural gems with precious metal inlays, designed and engraved to perfection at our studio in Germany.

Neue Kollektion „The Golden 20’s“

Innovative collection “The Golden 20’s”

Gem and Jewelery Exchange

On February 4th, we open our booth at the GJX Show (booth: 4107/4108, Feb. 4th to 9th) – or the world’s most precious circus tent of gems, as I love to call it. This year’s collection is named “Make love, not war”, and features the most colorful collection of cameos ever made by Stephan.  Our artists Anja and Susanne spent hundreds of hours last fall to prepare a unique set of hand engraved masterpieces.

Stücke die unter dem Standmotto „make love, not war“ präsentiert werden.

This year’s collection is named “Make love, not war”

Tucson Gem & Mineral Show

Last but not least, we will be exhibiting for the first time ever at the Tucson convention center. Andrea and Matt will do the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show at the TCC from Feb 13-16. Once again, we are starting with a tiny booth , one table and one showcase (booth: 1503). Let’s see how this event evolves over the coming years.

We are all looking forward to seeing you in Tucson.

Bernd, Christina, Caroline, Andrea, Bastian and Matt

Remember: Work hard – play hard – and make love, not war!

Remember: Work hard – play hard – and make love, not war!