Brand relaunched: Welcome to the Stephan Gemstone Manufacture!

What characterizes successful brands? They are well known for centuries, they develop themselves constantly further, and they are always state-of-the art without losing their original identity.

Stephan stands for nearly 85 years for high quality gemstones. The close connection to our customers characterizes our company. This has always been the motor and impulse for our product development. Every product our customers demanded – we supplied or even created it. In 1932 Herbert Stephan founded our company in order to fulfill his US customer’s requirements for gemstones from the Idar-Oberstein region. To meet the further increasing demands Klaus Stephan founded a company for gemstone cutting in 1957 in Frauenberg, where we still produce natural and created gemstones.

Core of our identity is the combination of tradition and innovation, of craftsmanship and state-of-the art technologies. We want to express this by adding „Gemstone Manufacture“ to our brand name and logo.