The name of Idar-Oberstein is inextricably bound up with the word “agate”. In the late fourteenth century, an entire branch of industry developed around this mineral. The reason was, and still is, that our region boasts large deposits of agate. In the course of the following centuries, Idar-Oberstein became a well-established center of the art of gemstone cutting. Hence we can find the finest agates for you practically in our front yard.


Our in-house agate dying facility takes the finest of agates and creates a wide variety of color combinations using a unique dying process. The standard colors include

• black (onyx)
• red (carnelian)
• green
• blue
• brown
• white and yellow.

We combine these colors with white to create two-layered stones. Some of the special rarities we have on offer are white chalcedony, as well as agates with three colors or three layers.