Stephan KG und Edelsteinmanufaktur is the market leader in the production of machine-engraved gemstones. With our more than 60 processing centers, we produce hundreds of thousands of engravings at the highest levels of precision and quality each and every year. The ultrasonic and CNC engraving machines were also developed by our own engineers especially for engraving gemstones.


Thanks to ultrasonic and CNC processing, Stephan is able to create three-dimensional images in a gemstone. As a consequence, our engraved gems get a special tool design. We can then very carefully engrave their upper layer, even though it may be only a few millimeters thick. This delicately brings out the color of the layered stone, which is usually white. Using these machines results in engraving to perfection. Your engraved gem comes to life with an expressive, three-dimensional motif.