Tucson 2022

Dear friends and clients of the Stephan family!

Kathrin and I truly believe in sustainable luxury. The world is changing faster than ever before and we are all responsible for the future of many generations. The world’s watch and jewelry industry has made a push for sustainable recycled precious metals and precious gemstones. It is now time for us to follow…

We have the goal to become carbon neutral in 2025 and we already source more than 95% of all of our materials in an ethical or sustainable way. Kathrin has just come back from Brazil with wonderful news on our agate supply. Not only are we still capable to find rough for at least another generation – we are more and more inspiring miners to mine safely and with a focus on mother nature.

Upcycling Collection HappyGems – Turquoise Compass

Our Stephan S will continue to stand for the Stephan promise that we ensure precision, quality, sustainability, and confidentiality.

For 90 years we have been doing this! Besides that, we are very proud of our family of craftsmen at home who worked really hard to present a true firework of novelties at the Tucson Gem Shows.

Last but not least, I am celebrating 20 years with the Stephan business this month and am happy to welcome you at our booths at the Pueblo Show and at GJX. It’s time to meet again. See you in Arizona! Bernd

Agate cameo with silver inlay

We are back to Tucson and show a truly beautiful line-up!

We present the world’s first real alternative to stabilized clean sleeping beauty turqouise in all popular shapes and sizes.

Moreover, we launch the one and only upcycling cameo collection with reclaimed natural gems and recycled precious metals. We truly believe in sustainable luxury and have built the entire line-up of novelties around this vision.

Our booths are safe! All staff is vaccinated 3 times and tests for Covid every day.

  • Pueblo Gem Show – Arrival Suite 2: January 27th until February 7th
  • GJX – #4107/08: February 1st – 4th only. We close GJX on Saturday & Sunday.

Please message or call us to make an appointment: Andrea: +1-520-528-2621 Bernd: +49-172-6843138

Upycycling Collection HappyGems – Medusa