GemGenève 2023 – Rencentrez nous au salon

Chers amis et clients de notre maison!

Stephan is known as Germany’s largest and craziest manufacturer of precision cut hard gemstones, cameos, and carvings.

Our family business is the home of 250 specialists that produce more than 1.5 million gems every year. Local and international designer as well as global luxury brands trust the Stephan family. We truly love what we do for our customers.

We strongly believe in sustainable luxury. More and more consumers want to know where their products are made and if their components are sourced responsibly. Our gemstones are all sourced sustainably or at least with a maximum of transparency in the supply chain.

From May 11th until the 14th, we will be showing at the Salon GemGenève at Palexpo next to the airport. Meet us at Booth A30. Pia, Stella and myself will be in Switzerland.

Nous avons hâte de présenter nos idées et matières. C’est un plaisir de montrer ce que nos équipes peuvent créer grace à notre mix unique de technologie et savoir faire traditionnel.

We are proudly presenting our assortment of sustainable turquoise from all over the world as well as the most beautiful carvings.

Nous sommes fiers de débuter au salon avec des nouveautés pour vous inspirer! GemGenève est devenu LE SALON pour notre beau métier.

Nous serons ravis de vous revoir à Genève.

Love & Peace. Bernd